Georgia Student Creates Site to Help Students Sell Textbooks

Chikamso Anayor Achu, a student at Georgia Southern University, has created a site that helps students sell their textbooks to each other at their college.

We think this is awesome for a couple reasons:

  1. The entrepreneur spirit: the student saw a need and made something to fix it.
  2. It helps students sell their textbooks and buy others cheaply. Instead of trying to post online and shipping it or selling it back to the bookstore, students can find someone who will need it the next semester and sell it to them directly.

Here’s how the site works in a nutshell: A student posts a book they have for bidding. The winner and the seller then communicate and decide on a safe place to meet.

Factors that could hurt the site include books with access codes and online or electronic books. Even with that, however,  this site could help a lot of students save money.

The site is limited to just a few colleges right now (Armstrong State, Georgia Southern University, Georgia Tech, and University of Georgia), but he hopes to expand it soon.

You can check out the site at:

To read more about it and how the site works, check out the article on The George-Anne: Georgia Southern student Chikamso Anayor Achu creates book-selling website.