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The Quick Version:

Who We Are: 

We are a textbook company that provides low-cost textbooks for students.


What We Do:

We offer an online system that provides the digital textbook, audiobook, support videos and more for $35 per student (or less if it’s part of inclusive access).


Why We Do It:

We want to lower textbook costs for students. We’ saw how students suffer because of it, so we wanted to do something about it. So we did.


How We Do It:

We use an online learning platform to provide all our content. Students can access the textbook, the audiobook, videos and more through the system from any device (computer, cell phone, tablet, etc.)


Our Current Subjects:

We currently offer textbooks for English Composition and Speech.


The Longer Version

We all want our students to succeed.

However, our students have a big hindrance: the high cost of textbooks.

Studies have shown that 66% of students have skilled buying a textbook because of that cost with most of them knowing it would hurt their grade.

It shouldn’t be that way.

From just 2006 to 2016, prices have increased by 88%.

And then there are access codes that force a student to buy it rather than being able to buy a used textbook or share with a friend.

There is a solution

Lead Winds began with the sole purpose of lowering the cost of textbooks for students, and we wanted to help them learn even better at the same time.

Our pricing is simple and affordable:


And it’s lower if part of inclusive access.

Lead Winds isn’t “just” a textbook

It comes with:

  • the digital textbook
  • the audiobook version of the textbook
  • videos that teach the chapters
  • videos teaching various concepts, such as “how to write an introduction” and “how to format your references in Microsoft Word”
  • videos by students teaching various concepts
  • and a lot of other content you would expect such as testbanks, PowerPoints, sample projects, and so on.


Ready for the next step?

Visit the “How it Works Page” to learn more about the system, or check out the demo.